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205 Rear Quarter Badge Repair Kit

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The securing pins on the back of the rear quarter badges on the 205 Gti have always been a weak point. Being plastic they can easily break off when removing the badges.

BakerBM have designed a solution to the problem. They are CNC turned dowels with a 12mm head which has a cross milled into the back of it. The cross locates onto the ribbing of the badge ensuring the dowels are in the correct position. Having the cross milled into the part also increases the surface area for an adhesive to be affective. The badges can then be fitted as Peugeot intended.

There are 9 tabs needed to revive all 4 badges.

A panel adhesive will be affective at securing the pins. 

In addition to this kit we can offer 9x rear quarter mounting bullets for £6.39 + VAT:

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