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205 GTi-6 Silicone Coolant Hoses Kit

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Complete Coolant hose Kit to suit 205 GTis fitted with the 2.0 Gti-6 Engine found in the Peugeot 306 Gti-6 or Citroen Xsara VTS.

In recent years, transplanting the Gti-6 engine into a 205 Gti has become very popular. Until now there has not been a coolant kit available for this conversion.  We have designed RHD and LHD specific kits.

This kit includes all the coolant hoses in the 205 Gti-6 system. Making the coolant installation quick neat and very reliable.

Note: If you are running a Xsara VTS engine please let us know this with your order. The Xsara engines runs a different lower engine hose, we want to make sure you receive the right kit! Also, all hoses can be sold separate. Please contact us for details.

Colour choice: Blue, Black or Red

The kit includes:
  •      CNC machined Aluminium thermostat adaptor
  •      205 Gti6 Top Radiator - Thermostat Hose (Designed to fit around the standard inlet manifold and air trunking)
  •      205 Gti6 Lower expansion tank - Rear of Thermostat and Top Heater matrix
  •      Lower Heater Matrix -- Thermostat Housing
  •      Lower Engine - Inner Wing
  •      Lower Rad - Inner Wing
  •      Top Right Expansion Tank - Radiator

You may also want to purchase a Mikalor Coolant Hose Clamp Set with this kit.

These Mikalor clips have a cold-formed stamped band thread, smoothed on the underside. Combined with the bevelled band edges protects the hose from any damage. 

Price: £7.60 + VAT for a set of 20 clamps.

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