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205 Gti CNC Pre Bent Brake Line Kits

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BL205 1


205 Gti 1.9 Models (Non ABS) RHD Fitment


Pipe Material: We use an automotive standard type of double-walled low-carbon steel tube manufactured by rolling a copper-coated steel strip through 720 degrees and resistance brazing the overlapped seam.

Excellent corrosion resistance is offered by: Electroplated Zinc then Trivalent Chromate. Finished with a PVF Coating (thermoplastic coating).

The PVF coating looks dark green.


The Kit includes all 10 brake lines in the system.

Our part number

Fitment Description

BL205 -001

Brake line M/C - N/side Front  (RHD)   Pipe

BL205 -002

Brake line M/C - O/side Front  (RHD)    Pipe

BL205 -003

Brake line M/C - O/Side Lower Bulkhead (RHD) Pipe

BL205 -004

Brake Line M/C - N/Side Lower Bulkhead (RHD) Pipe

BL205 -005

Brake Line N/S/Lower Bulkhead- Compensator (RHD) Pipe

BL205 -006

Brake Line O/S/Lower Bulkhead - Compensator (RHD Pipe

BL205 -007

Brake Line  N/S Compensator-  Axle Flexi Pipe

BL205 -008

Brake Line O/S Compensator - Axle Flexi Pipe

BL205 -009

Brake Line N/S Axle Flexi - Calliper Flexi Pipe

BL205 -010

Brake Line O/S Axle Flexi - Calliper Flexi[U1]  Pipe


M/C = Master Cylinder

N/Side = Nearside

O/Side = Offside


Not included but available separatetly:

1.9 Gti Compensators

Securing Brake clips



Please Note:   Due to tolerances found in the bodyshells from manufacture and throughout the life of the car. Slight adjustments may need to be made during fitment. Any adjustments can be made easily by manipulating the pipe by hand.

Please Note:-

This item is only available for delivery with the UK mainland due to it's size.  The shipping cost is £30.00

For all European countries the cost is £55.00, however, this is subject to change.

For any other country outside of the UK and Europe, we are unable to supply

Video showing brake lines in production.


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