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205 Grp.N Engine Mounting Kit

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EMB205-1 - Complete Group N (Grp.N) Engine Mounting Kit has been designed to substantially reduce engine movement by incorporating up-rated and stiffened rubber components. The kit is ideally used for rallying, racing, enhanced engine conversions and modifications. 

Contents of the kit also available individually.

Available for: 205 1.6/1.9 GTI, 205 XS (please note when adding products to cart)

The kit comprises of the following:

  • 1 x Grp.N Top Engine Mount (BBM-EN-T)
  • 2 x Top Engine Mount Buffers (BBM-EN-B)
  • 1 x Grp.N Gearbox Mount (BBM-EN-G)
  • 1 x Grp.N Lower Engine Bush (BBM-EN-L)

Advantages over standard mountings:

  • Significantly reduce engine movement under acceleration.
  • Improved gear change.
  • Reduced stress on exhaust system and drive train.
  • Makes the car more responsive in terms of acceleration.
  • Ideal for Mi16 conversion and other engine modifications.
  • Reduces rubbing between the Cam Belt cover and the Master cylinder in Mi16 conversions.
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