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205 Gearchange Rods (3-rod kit)

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Joints in the original gearchange rod setup contain plastic bushes that wear over time, making the gearchange very unprecise and leading to rods popping off and leaving you stranded on a side of the road or track. Our rods are steel-jointed with securing clips that cures both issues.

Suitable for: 205 1.6/1.9 GTI

This kit comprises of:

  • a short rod between the L-linkage and gearbox
  • a shord rod between the subframe-mounted linkage and gearbox
  • a long rod between the gearstick and L-linkage

Ideally to be used with our 205 Bronze L-linkage Pivot Bush Kit and 205 Bronze Gearstick Pivot Bushes, as well as Adjustable Quickshift

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