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205 Adjustable Top Mounts    190.10 + VAT

205 Adjustable Front Suspension Top Mounts

Our extremely popular 205-specific adjustable top suspension mounts.

Suitable for: Peugeot 205 all models.

  • These are intended for use with coilover suspension.
  • Material 7075 T6 Aluminium.
  • Fully CNC machined in house using the latest CAM technology.
  • They house a 42mm O/D Heavy Duty Spherical Bearing.
  • Camber adjustment available is from 0 neg.3 degrees
  • Caster fixed at 4.5 Degrees Positive.
  • Engraved camber scale giving an indication of adjustment position.
  • Bearing reliefs are machined into the housing, making bearing changes quick and easy.
  • Anodised.

205 Adjustable Front Suspension Top Mount Detail

Kit includes:
  • Pair of Adjustable Top Mounts
  • Pair of Bearings + Circlips
  • Fixings to mount to car.

Top Hat washers and sleeved nuts can be supplied if you inform us of what you need (We can quote for non standard parts you may require).

To Achieve full Camber adjustment the turret top on your car will need cutting.

Variations in each cars chassis and suspension set-up will alter the Camber and Caster settings available.

205 Adjustable Front Suspension Top Mount Detail2

SMB205-4  205 Adjustable Top Mounts 
Price: 190.10 + VAT


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